SpanishWorking illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States because they are needed to support the American economy, they are a good fit with American society, and it would not be cost effective to deport them. These immigrants from Latin America, mostly illegal and mostly from Mexico, who were the subjects of controversy before the last presidential election, are here in the USA to stay.

Although many of them have been forced back to Mexico due to the struggling American economy, they still fill most of the menial manual labor jobs in the United States.  They work in tough  jobs, rejected by Americans, in manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and service industries.  Many businesses in these industrial sectors, especially manufacturing, must compete globally and can’t afford to pay higher wages demanded by less productive Americans who find these jobs beneath their dignities or choose to accept public aid in lieu of earning a living.

These immigrants are a good fit with American society.  They are very family-oriented and rely heavily on each other and aren’t used to looking to the government for help.  The value placed on contributing to their familial units provides peer pressure resulting in a work ethic with emphasis on promptness: they show up for work and work at a fast pace.  And, many are religious with a large percentage of them holding at least a fundamental belief in God.

They shouldn’t be here illegally, but any effort to deport them now would be futile and expensive.  Even identifying the millions who are here would be a daunting and costly task for a government that is already broke.  The fact that millions of children who have been born in the United States to illegal immigrants are citizens complicates deportation of the parents.  The American people are already paying for their health care, education and other societal benefits; by making them legal these costs could be offset by tax revenues not currently being collected.

Giving amnesty to working illegal immigrants would benefit American society by helping  businesses to compete better globally, by enriching American culture, and by controlling societal costs.  Americans may as well learn their language, take an interest in their history and culture, and welcome them.

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