SpanishWorking illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States because they are needed to support the American economy, they are a good fit with American society, and it would not be cost effective to deport them. These immigrants from Latin America, mostly illegal and mostly from Mexico, who were the subjects of controversy before the last presidential election, are here in the USA to stay.

Although many of them have been forced back to Mexico due to the struggling American economy, they still fill most of the menial manual labor jobs in the United States.  They work in tough  jobs, rejected by Americans, in manufacturing, hospitality, agriculture, and service industries.  Many businesses in these industrial sectors, especially manufacturing, must compete globally and can’t afford to pay higher wages demanded by less productive Americans who find these jobs beneath their dignities or choose to accept public aid in lieu of earning a living.

These immigrants are a good fit with American society.  They are very family-oriented and rely heavily on each other and aren’t used to looking to the government for help.  The value placed on contributing to their familial units provides peer pressure resulting in a work ethic with emphasis on promptness: they show up for work and work at a fast pace.  And, many are religious with a large percentage of them holding at least a fundamental belief in God.

They shouldn’t be here illegally, but any effort to deport them now would be futile and expensive.  Even identifying the millions who are here would be a daunting and costly task for a government that is already broke.  The fact that millions of children who have been born in the United States to illegal immigrants are citizens complicates deportation of the parents.  The American people are already paying for their health care, education and other societal benefits; by making them legal these costs could be offset by tax revenues not currently being collected.

Giving amnesty to working illegal immigrants would benefit American society by helping  businesses to compete better globally, by enriching American culture, and by controlling societal costs.  Americans may as well learn their language, take an interest in their history and culture, and welcome them.

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shoesWe Americans need to take responsibility for our health and worry less about how to pay our physicians for treatment and more about how to avoid needing treatment in the first place.  We need to stop smoking, eat less, and get off our fat American backsides and move our bodies. We cannot depend on our government to provide our health care nor to take care of our health.  The government is not interested in helping Americans to live longer, and cannot afford taking on responsibility for health care. A government run single payer plan or public option insurance scheme could only result in rationing of treatment.

The battle over health care in the USA these days is not really about caring for the health of the American citizen – it’s a power struggle for control of the health care industry.  The US government really doesn’t care about the health of its citizens nor about prolonging their lives.  In fact, it would be much better for the greater good of society if Americans didn’t quite make it to the average lifespan of 78 years currently expected for Americans.

Americans are already living too long for the collectivist institutions of Social Security and Medicare to survive financially.  If health care is taken on too, the government will have to increase its debts to meet its commitments.   Medicare and medicaid are already financially insolvent, and the government will not be able to meet its commitments for Social Security payments to retirees after 2020.  We the people can’t afford another gigantic entitlement program.

Health care insurance is no guarantee of  good health anyway; it is simply a way to spread risks and costs and hopefully provide access to care when we don’t have good health.  Medical treatments still have to be paid for and are not ‘free’ just because a person is covered by health insurance.  If the patient doesn’t pay for the treatment, then citizens will have to; after all, the citizens are the government.  If the government becomes the insurer, costs will either have to be passed along to citizens in higher taxes, or health care will have to be limited (i.e. rationed) so that treatment costs can’t get incurred in the first place .

Good health and long life are blessings not entitlements; neither should health care insurance be an entitlement.  The only promise we have of extending our lifespans is in the  ten commandments in the Bible, “honor your father and your mother…that your days may be long” – why not give that a try?  Maybe we can even make it to 78 without modern medicine.

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my-millenium-oakThe reality is that Americans are deeply influenced by our culture of self-reliance and individualism whether they know it or not.  It is not un-American to reject collectivist policy as Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has charged, but it is quintessentially American to proudly and loudly reject such policy.

In recent years it seems that many US Americans have been suffering from an identity crisis. They have forgotten, or were never aware of, the values and beliefs that make us who we are. There is even a sense of shame that we have, by our creativity and labor,  prospered more than others in the world.  Influenced by the media and guided by power-seeking politicians they have typically looked back to Europe for ideas for public policy.

Although the first immigrants, arriving over four hundred years ago, to what is now the USA were European, they were of a different sort than the current collectivist European – they were entrepreneurs. Arriving later were those persecuted because of their religion. What they had in common was a desire for freedom to prosper over others and believe differently than others left behind in Europe. They were unashamed individualists and their values and beliefs have influenced American culture more than anything else.  Immigrants continue to pour into the USA, legally and illegally, still seeking the same freedom to prosper and escape persecution.

Americans don’t need to look to Europe for a national identity nor for cultural values.  We have a culture based on self-reliance and individualism that has helped us to become the greatest nation in history.  We have rejected European values through much sacrifice of lives in several wars.  Efforts to inflict public policy on us based on collectivist European values will eventually run into the roadblock provided by American Individualism.  The recent rising up of Americans in town hall meetings against the government takeover of the health care industry is a case in point.

What we need is the freedom to exercise our individualism constrained only by objective morals to protect us from each other, and covenants to protect us from our government.  We need to follow the moral guidance of Judeo-Christian values embodied in the Ten Commandments of the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah.  And, we need to abide by the first ten amendments to our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, that were ratified to protect us from the tyranny of government.

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