emptysetAtheism, often analogized by the mathematical symbol for the empty set,  means literally “without a belief in a god” . When used to describe people who have chosen gods other than the supernatural gods of  world’s chief religions, this is an oxymoron.  They are certainly not without a god, and are united in opposing the beliefs of theists, so perhaps a more appropriate name for so-called atheists would be anti-theists or anti-Christs.

Everyone has a god including those who call themselves atheists. This is clearly evident if the definition of a god is accepted as “that which one depends upon in time of trouble”.  Those who don’t believe in a supernatural god most certainly depend on someone or something when they are facing troubles in life. Their god may be money, heroes, a loved one or an ancestor, but most likely their god will amount to simply, themselves.  Neither atheists nor anyone else is truly without a god; the term atheist just doesn’t make sense.

Atheists in America over the years have fought against prayer in school, have sought to remove “God” from coinage, have fought against the placement of the ten commandments in public places, and have fought against the recognition of an Almighty God in state and local laws. Nothing brings so-called atheists together better than a fight against the wishes of those who believe in the Almighty to acknowledge God publicly. Although they claim they are not “anti” anything, atheists have often been successful in their efforts to hinder public acknowledgment of a supernatural God. They are really anti-theists not atheists.

The God of Christians said that whoever is not for Him is against Him. This is certainly an apt description of someone who is anti-Christ or against Christ. It is also an appropriate description of modern atheists who admittedly are not for Christ.  They ridicule Christians and others who accept the existence of an Almighty God and fight against the appearance of any public expression of this belief whether sponsored by government or not.  Not only are so-called atheists really anti-theists; they are also anti-Christ.

Atheists have proven themselves not only to be persons who don’t believe in the existence of a supernatural god, but those who are against the beliefs of Almighty God held by others.  They would certainly agree that they are not Christians which means, according to Christ, they are against Him and are therefore anti-Christ.  Christ also said that a person cannot serve two masters; they either serve God or Satan.  So, whether they know it or not, anti-theistic, anti-Christian atheists,  also, by default, make Satan their god and could  even be classified as Satanists.

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