alhambraIslam in America is more like a malignant cancer than a Trojan horse.  It does not contain a plot to secretly install an overpowering force that will strike when citizens are not paying attention, but has a peaceful, benign existence whose steady growth has been hardly noticed.   If history is an accurate indicator, it will continue to grow until it reaches its malignant form in fundamentalist Islam aimed at asserting its power over all of society by implementing Sharia law.  The true Islam is the religion practiced by Osama bin Laden and his extremist followers.

In the United States, Islam appears to be a peaceful religion practiced by its followers in tight-knit communities.  It is estimated that the number of Muslims living in America is  growing at a rate of 25% every ten years.  American Muslims seem to be good citizens and have assimilated well into American culture.  Although these modern Muslims already use their religion as a platform for social and political change, they deny that fundamentalism is the ultimate goal of Islam.  Some American Muslims have even naively said that Islam means “peace”.

But Islam does not mean”peace”; it means “submission” to Islamic law and to the will of Allah.  Simply put, it is the practice of bringing jihad, or holy war, to unite by force the world of unbelieving infidels, the Dar al-Harb, with the world of Muslims, the Dar al-Islam.  The ultimate goal of Islam is to bring the world of unbelievers into complete submission to the will of Allah.   Muslim means “those who submit”, and for extremist Muslim fundamentalists, this means submission to Sharia law, believed to summarize the will of Allah.  Under Sharia law, women committing adultery could be stoned, thieves could have their hands amputated, and homosexuals and apostates could be executed.

Muslims in America have begun to assert their power.  Efforts by Muslim promoters, and Muslim participation at the polls  have been paying off.  Foot baths, used by Muslims in preparation for prayers, have been installed in public, state-run, universities, and public prayers have even been allowed in some public schools for Muslims.  This is only the beginning of more Muslim influence to come in America.  In other countries, Canada and France for example, Islam has gained more strength with the establishment of Islamic courts that have begun to impose Sharia law on fellow Muslims.

Islam in America today appears to be a peaceful religion practiced by pious followers seeking justice and equality for society.  But, as their numbers grow, the true fundamentalist Islam will ultimately raise its ugly head and impose Islamic law on its followers first, then on the whole society.  Historically, this pattern has occurred around the world where Islam is predominate.  In the past 30 years, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, and other countries including several former soviet republics have fallen to Islam.  The fate of America and the Western world remains to be seen.

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